Update!!!!!   I have officially sold Black Moon Products, Inc to Michael Hoover aka ‘SKATZ5000’ on the CTS-V Owners dot com forum. Mike will continue to use all my vendors here in Knoxville which will ensure the quality remains the same. He will also have the same website, sales store, etc. His new business email will be posted here when it’s established.

Mike and I are both excited about the changing of the guard and I’ll do everything I can to help continue his and the products success. If you need a splitter and or rocker blades shoot Mike a friend request and a PM on Facebook or hold on for a couple weeks. You can still use SALES@BlackMoonProducts.com. The first batch of both should be ready in late Feb, early March.

Please welcome Mike as you have me by continuing to support small business in America.

Many thanks to everyone out there that has been with me since 2015. I wish all of you health and good fortune.

Armand Salvatore (Sal)